Our services:

  • Set up complete virtual tours (a FestiWalk)
  • 360 degree photography
  • Shoot professional 360 degree videos (resolution: 8K, that's 16x sharper than full-HD!)
  • More options in consultation

We have equipment to create high quality 360 degree photos and videos. High resolution is essential for 360 degree photos and videos because all pixels are spread over the entire perspective.

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Why a FestiWalk for your event?

  • Generates visitor attention in an interactive way
  • Ideal addition to current promotional communications
  • Complete virtual tour that can be embedded in your own website
  • Visitors can walk around and look around the entire site
  • Full control over what is captured (number of shooting locations, exclude certain areas)
  • Possibility to add information in the virtual tour, such as a link to ticket sales, stage names, road signs, etc.
  • Tour can be fully customized. Think of your own logo, your own colors, custom settings, etc.

Who are we?Stan (l) and Thijs (r)

The creatives behind FestiWalks are Stan (24) and Thijs (26), festival fans in heart and soul. We can be found at many festivals every summer. Nice weather, beautiful decorations and happy people. What could be better than capturing all this (and secretly enjoying your favorite DJ in the meantime)? With a shared passion for media, we can now be found at many festivals shooting awesome 360 degree photos and videos. And we are eager to come to your event too!

Why the 360 degree perspective?

The 360 degree perspective is a completely new interactive experience. Visitors are drawn into the experience and can decide for themselves where they look. This makes them feel like they are at a festival. It is possible to walk around the festival site and see all the internships and special places. On a tablet or phone you can rotate the device and look around in the virtual environment by doing this. VR glasses are also supported.

A FestiWalk is an ideal way to generate more attention for a festival in an interactive way and fits perfectly with the existing promotion. More information or curious about the costs? Contact us using the button below.

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