Who are we?Stan (l) and Thijs (r)

FestiWalks was established in the summer of 2020. Right, that was that boring summer without festivals because of the corona virus. Craving for festivals, we thought how cool it would be to be able to walk around at a festival from home. The idea for FestiWalks was born.

With the innovative 360 degree perspective, you will be completely drawn into the festival from your living room. Take a look around with your mobile phone, tablet or VR glasses and imagine yourself in a realistic festival environment.

The creatives behind FestiWalks are Stan (24) and Thijs (26), festival fans in heart and soul. We can be found at many festivals every summer. Nice weather, beautiful decorations and happy people. What could be better than capturing all this (and secretly enjoying your favorite DJ in the meantime)? With a shared passion for media and an enthusiastic drive, we can now be found at many festivals shooting awesome 360-degree photos and videos.

What are our services?

We realize virtual festival tours and videos in a 360 degree perspective. We call such a tour a FestiWalk. The 360-degree environment offers a completely new experience and it really feels like you're at a festival. It is possible to walk around the festival site and view all the stages and special places. Anyway, enough said, open a FestiWalk quickly and experience it yourself!

For organisers

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